Sex Writer, Gigi Engle and her longterm boyfriend, Mike Fishbein, know what it means to be in a healthy relationship.

And that's probably because neither of them has ever been okay with bullshit. They decided to start Dirty Sexy Monogamy because they found themselves constantly discussing life's most intense questions. From feminism to sex to politics, these two strong individuals are never afraid to speak their minds.

What makes the show so unique is while many a millennial woman wishes her boyfriend would get on the air and talk about sex and relationships, very few could actually pull it off. Gigi's career as a Sex Writer only makes the content that much more juicy

You won't find a show more authentic than DSM. It's like being a fly on the wall inside of another person's relationship.

Praise for dsm

"Amazing podcast! Kinda felt like a younger version of my parents talking me through life." 

"You'd be hard-pressed finding a more honest podcast about sex out there. Mike sounds like he has a beard."

"This podcast is so interesting and refreshing. I’m loving absolutely everything about it. It’s so cool to hear a couple talk openly about such intense tops. It’s also hilarious! Can’t wait to hear more."

"The notion that sex writers need to be gallivanting around town sleeping with random men is … flawed .. and I love that Gigi and Mike, who are each well-respected professionals (and personalities) have joined together to talk about some real issues in a compelling, funny and intelligent way." 

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